Brick Paravent (Sandra Krause Gomez)

i am tripping over sandra’s small-model sculptures. this particular mobile brick wall snake-like zig zags it’s way accross any tiled or wooden or grassed surface that will carry it. walls are all over the place, human made, promised ones, past ones, mental barriers. this one you can step over, even walk around, but can you traverse through it? for a start, i would suggest to chase it in it’s fleeting direction:


… there is a story about an oddly unfinished, freestanding wall somewhere on a field in rural scandinavia that comes to mind; it goes something like this:

none less than the devil them-self was invited to build a brick building on a field, and however much came together – that house would become the devil’s to keep. the only condition was that the wall should be enclosed by the end of the night, come sunset. the devil got right to it, but as the greed was endless, so was the length of the wall. as the devil couldn’t make a decision on when to stop and turn around to finish the walls for the house, dawn eventually broke, and all that was left on the field was one long brick wall, but no building.

(not to be mistaken with The Devil’s Wall / Die Teuffelsmauer in the Harz Mountains / Thuringia.)

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